Welcome to Hormuz Island Majara Hotel

Your Unforgettable Stay on the Colorful Island

Discover an extraordinary experience at Hormuz Island Majara Hotel, nestled in the heart of the picturesque and tourist-friendly Hormuz Island.

About Hormuz Island Majara Hotel

Constructed in 2020, Hormuz Island Majara Hotel is a masterpiece of unique and creative architecture. In the same year, it secured the gold prize in the prestigious Teedai Teowon competition. The captivating design of the hotel is inspired by the colorful sands of Hormuz Island, reflected in the beautifully crafted clay domes of various shades.

Hormuz Island Majara Hotel boasts 12 suites, including 8 twin-bed cottages and 2 quadruple-bed cottages, all designed with dome-shaped architecture. The vibrant exterior is seamlessly extended into the suites, each furnished with beds, tables, and chairs. Notably, every suite is equipped with private bathroom facilities. The relaxing and serene ambiance of the hotel, due to its coastal location, offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle.

Facilities and Services

Our coastal retreat, Hormuz Island Majara Hotel, offers a range of facilities and services including a restaurant and optional laundry services. All cottages are equipped with split air-conditioning systems and offer mesmerizing sea views.

Geographical Location

Hormuz Island Majara Hotel is situated on Hormuz Island, approximately 30 kilometers away from Bandar Abbas, the center of Hormozgan province. For an enchanting journey, we recommend planning your visit during the autumn, winter, or early spring seasons.

Exploring the Tourist Attractions

Aside from indulging in the unique architectural beauty of Hormuz Island Majara Hotel, your trip to this dreamlike region presents a chance to explore captivating tourist attractions on the island. The attractions include Hara Forest, Dr. Nadalian Museum, Portuguese Castle, Ghar-e Sokoot (Silence Cave), Rangin Kaman Valley, Larak Turtle Beach, and Chenar Trees Beach. The hotel is conveniently located just 650 meters away from the iconic Fereydani Beach, one of the island's most important attractions.

Reservation for Children

For children under two years old, the reservation is complimentary. For children over two years old, full charges apply.

Cancellation Policy

* In case of critical weather conditions on the reservation date, the hotel will either cancel the reservation or reschedule it with your agreement. ** If you wish to cancel or change the reservation date, please inform our reservation office. For cancellations made between 5 days and 48 hours before check-in, 50% of the accommodation fee will be deducted. For cancellations made within 48 hours of check-in, 70% of the accommodation fee will be deducted. Additionally, a 10% cancellation fee will be added to the USSPACE system cancellation fee, which is included in the accommodation cancellation fee. Cancellation policies during Nowruz (March 20 to April 20) and official holidays may vary from the regular policies. Please contact the website or follow up via the order management section for detailed conditions before canceling.